make peace with onesea
“make peace, while enjoying the ride and
 remembering to be kind to others
 and to the planet we live in”

"we only have onesea, make peace with it"

About the Brand

The Portuguese brand ONESEA® aims to encourage water sports such as surf, in a conscious and fun way. The brand opens a path for these sports, considering that these are therapeutic and capable of improving our well-being. Thus, creating clothes that allow to perform these activities comfortably, with confidence and courage.

ONESEA products are designed and produced locally, in small quantities, consciously and ethically. The entire collection is made with ECONYL® nylon fiber, made from plastics collected from the ocean. These can be recycled, recreated and remolded. In this way, we only use already existing resources, without having the need to produce new ones. By buying ONESEA, you are promoting a sustainable and circular system. 

ONESEA's concept follows its own motives and goals: to represent and promote a more active, healthier and sustainable life; value and return what is provided by the plant and ocean. 

“Our main goal is to make peace, while enjoying the ride and remembering to be kind to others and to the planet we live in”  - Founder of the Brand ONESEA

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Phone: +351 915 572 976